What Are Some Causes of Muscular Atrophy?

What Are Some Causes of Muscular Atrophy?

Some causes of muscular atrophy include burns, a deficiency in important nutrients and stroke. Muscle atrophy is a condition in which the muscles waste away, notes Healthline.

The first type of atrophy is called disuse atrophy which occurs when individuals do not engage in physical activity. The second type of atrophy is known as neurogenic atrophy, which is commonly caused by injury or a disease that damages nerves connected to muscles.

To diagnose this condition, doctors usually inquire about the patients history before proceeding to carry out a physical examination. To ascertain the situation, certain tests may be conducted. These may include an MRI, CT scan, blood test, X-ray and muscle or nerve biopsy.

Being inactive for the most part of the day and night can lead to a development of this condition. Individuals that work in offices and the bedridden are at a greater risk of getting disuse atrophy. To correct this type of atrophy, doctors often recommend certain types of exercises to help build muscle tone.

A lack of certain minerals in the diet may make it difficult for the body to develop strong muscles which eventually leads to muscle atrophy. Other causes associated with the condition include osteoarthritis, polio, alcohol-associated myopathy and spinal cord injury, notes the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus.