What Are Some Causes of Muscle Twitches All Over Your Body?

Common causes of muscle twitching include stress, smoking, drug reactions, caffeine and exercise. Muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular dystrophy, muscle wasting, Lou Gehrig's disease and nerve trauma are severe causes of muscle twitches, claims Healthline.

Muscle twitching, also known as myoclonus, refers to a sudden, uncontrollable jerking of the muscles. They are usually caused by sudden muscle contraction or muscle relaxations, claims the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. It ranges from mild, such as a twitch followed by relaxation, or to severe, such as complication controlling muscle movements.

Home treatment is typically not required for muscle treatment. Although it usually goes away on its own, twitching can be helped by eating healthy, managing stress and limiting caffeine intake, according to Healthline.