What Causes Muscle Pain?


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Overusing muscles; muscle stress or tension; trauma; fibromyalgia; electrolyte imbalances; infections like malaria, influenza, polio and trichinosis; dermatomyositis; lupus; and polymyositis can cause muscle pain, according to Medline Plus. Other causes include delayed-onset muscle soreness, claudication, chronic fatigue syndrome, dystonia, and viral and staph infections, lists Mayo Clinic.

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Patients can manage muscle pain at home by applying ice or heat to relieve pain and inflammation; engaging in regular exercises, such as swimming, walking, cycling, stretching and aerobics; getting enough rest and sleep to reduce stress and fatigue; undertaking a massage; and practicing yoga and meditation, according to Medline Plus. If the muscle pain persists after applying the home remedies, it is essential to visit a doctor for diagnosis.

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