What Causes Mucus to Form in the Throat?


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Glands in the lining of the nose, throat, airways, stomach and intestinal tract produce mucus. Mucus is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for keeping these regions moist and shielding the body from harmful organisms, notes WebMD.

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What Causes Mucus to Form in the Throat?
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When mucus is produced excessively, it may form an uncomfortable condition referred to as post-nasal drip, according to MedicineNet. This condition causes individuals to feel like mucus is dripping downward from the back of their throats. The condition can be triggered by a number of issues.

People with colds and flu are likely to experience post-nasal drip. Those with allergic reactions may equally end up experiencing this condition. Other possible triggers for post-nasal drip include pregnancy, sinus infections, an object getting stuck in the nose, a deviated septum, climatic changes that involve extreme temperatures and certain foods.

Some common symptoms associated with post-nasal drip include having the urge to clear the throat frequently, hoarseness, development of a cough and sore throat.

The best treatment for this condition depends on its actual cause. Doctors may recommend certain antibiotics when the condition is triggered by bacterial infections. Those affected due to colds or the flu may find the issue corrects itself after treatment of the underlying cause.

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