What Causes a Lump on the Finger Bone?


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Some causes of a lump on a finger bone include infections, trauma, tumors and benign cysts, according to Healthgrades. Cancers and inflammatory diseases can also cause a finger lump. A patient with a finger lump should seek medical attention to avoid serious complications.

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Traumatic causes of finger lumps include sting or bite injury, and finger joint injury, states Healthgrades. Broken bones or hematoma, which is the collection of blood in body tissues, can also cause finger lumps. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatic fever can lead to inflammation, causing lumps on the fingers. Papilloma virus infections, herpes virus infections, cellulitis, abscesses and boils can cause finger lumps. Extreme infections, such as abscesses, may cause widespread infections in the body.

Tumors that cause lumps on fingers can be malignant or benign, according to Healthgrades. Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, lipoma and fibroma can cause the problem. Nevi, a condition in which moles form on the skin, can also lead to the problem. A finger lump can signal that a person is suffering from cancer of the bones or soft tissues.

In addition to spread of infection or cancer, finger lumps may lead to joint damage or deformity, states Healthgrades. Lumps resulting from extreme causes may result in nerve injury or hinder a person from doing tasks.

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