What Causes Lower Leg Pain?


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Possible causes of lower leg pain include muscle cramps, shin splints, torn tendons or muscles, a fractured bone, or a sprain, according to WebMD. Lower leg pain can also result from blood clots, varicose veins and infections.

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What Causes Lower Leg Pain?
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Muscle cramps refer to an unexpected, severe pain in the lower leg that typically occurs due to muscle fatigue, dehydration or hot temperature, states WebMD. To relieve pain, it helps to massage or stretch the lower leg muscle slowly when a cramp occurs. In people with shin splints, inflammation of the connective tissues and muscles lining the end of the shin bone usually leads to lower leg pain. Rest and application of ice are recommended treatments to ease the pain.

Lower leg pain, especially in the lower calf or the heel, is also an early symptom of tendinitis, notes WebMD. Ice, anti-inflammatories and supportive shoes can help reduce tendinitis pain. In case of a broken bone or a mild knee or ankle sprain, a person should rest properly, apply ice and compression, and elevate the affected leg. Severe sprains or fractures may require a cast or a brace.

Deep vein thrombosis, which refers to a blood clot in a deep vein, often occurs due to long-term inactivity, being overweight, smoking or taking certain medicines, says WebMD. Doctors may suggest medications and support stockings to prevent clots.

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