What Are Some Causes of Lower Bowel Pain?


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Lower bowel pains are related to conditions of the digestive tract and pelvis, including conditions of the body wall, skin, blood vessels, urinary tract and even reproductive organs. Digestive tract conditions that cause lower bowel pain include appendicitis, bacterial infections and chronic infections, as indicated by Healthgrades.

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Bacterial, parasitic or viral infections of the gastrointestinal tract may lead to pain in the lower abdomen, explains Healthgrades. These infections can lead to inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Irritable bowel syndrome is another cause of bowel pain. This is a digestive discomfort that does not cause intestinal damage or serious disease.

Lower abdominal pain can also be caused by conditions such as a weakened abdominal wall through which internal organs can pass, notes Healthgrades. This condition is called an abdominal hernia. Inflammation of woman's reproductive organs can also lead to serious lower bowel pain, which is known as pelvic inflammatory disease

Bowel obstruction or perforation can lead to lower bowel pain. This condition is very serious and requires immediate medical attention. Other causes include ectopic pregnancy and intestinal ischemia, which involves the loss of blood supply to the intestines, leading to death of intestinal tissue, according to Healthgrades.

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