What Causes Low Oxygen Levels in Women?

One condition that causes low oxygen levels in women is anemia. People with chronic diseases and women are among the people most affected by anemia, according to Healthline.

The body's tissues get oxygen from red blood cells, but when a person's red blood cell count is too low, tissues are deprived of a certain amount of oxygen. Many symptoms associated with anemia are caused by lowered oxygen in the blood. These symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, chest pains, increased heart rate and unusual craving for non-food items such as dirt. The most common cause of anemia is iron deficiency, which women experience more often due to menstrual cycles, pregnancy and lactation.

The National Institutes of Health states that women require more than twice the amount of iron on a daily basis than men, reports Healthline. There are several tests that can be taken to determine whether a person has anemia. Lab tests may include the ferritin test, B12 test, stool test for occult blood, folic acid test and complete blood count. Any test taken should be preceded by a doctor's examination and a family and health history questionnaire. Healthline advises that any exposure to toxins at home or at work should also be considered as possible causes for low blood count or anemia.