What Causes the Leg and Foot to Swell?


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Common causes of foot swelling include pregnancy complications, foot injury and lymphedema, according to WebMD. Causes of leg swelling include leg tissue inflammation and fluid buildup in the legs, according to Mayo Clinic.

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What Causes the Leg and Foot to Swell?
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Retention of fluids in the leg tissues may cause leg swelling, states Mayo Clinic. Retention of fluids in the leg tissues may be due to problems in the kidney, circulatory system and lymphatic system. Walking and standing for a long time may also result in swelling of the legs because of the fluid buildup. Inflammation in the leg tissues can lead to swelling of the legs. This inflammation may result from rheumatoid diseases and injuries.

Removal of the lymph nodes and lymph vessels may cause swelling of the feet due to retention of the lymphatic fluids in the tissues, explains WebMD. Any problem with the vessels and lymph nodes may result in fluid blockage and lymph buildup, which can hinder wound healing. These may result in foot infections.

Although foot swelling is a common symptom of pregnancy, abnormal swelling of the foot may be due to preeclampsia, says WebMD. Patients who experience excessive swelling followed by headaches, vomiting, frequent urination, abdominal pain and visual problems should seek medical care.

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