What Are Some Causes of a Left Hand Tremor?


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The causes of a tremor in the hands include abnormal electrical impulses in the brain, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, lithium or liver failure, according to WebMD. Arsenic or mercury poisoning, certain antidepressants, or side effects from other medications may also cause tremors in the hands.

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It is possible to treat some tremors with medication or surgery, explains WebMD. If the tremor occurs due to Parkinson's disease, the tremor may become better after treating the Parkinson's. Medications for tremors include Mysoline and Inderal, and if medications do not work, surgery, such as deep brain stimulation or thalamotomy, may work to stop the tremors.

There are some home treatments that may also help to reduce tremors in the hands, states WebMD. For example, reducing stress may help to stop tremors, as can adding weight to the wrist, such as a watch or heavy bracelet. Getting enough sleep is also important, as fatigue may cause the tremor to worsen, and people with tremors should reduce caffeine intake.

Many tremors are mild and manageable, but there are certain cases where a person should see a doctor for tremors, claims WebMD. For instance, if the tremor develops suddenly, or if an existing tremor begins to worsen, it is best to contact a doctor. People should also contact a doctor if the tremor interrupts their daily activities, or if the tremor is a side effect of a medication.

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