What Are the Causes of Knee Tendinitis?

Knee tendinitis is caused by repeated knee-bending that creates excess pressure between the femur and the patella, resulting in pain and inflammation, according to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Factors that may contribute to the injury include alignment problems, overuse of the knee joint and abnormal leg rotation.

Patellar malalignment is a condition in which the patella is not centered on its normal groove in the femur, creating an imbalance that leads to excessive wear and tear of the knee joint that may contribute to knee tendinitis, according to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Knee tendinitis may also result from an overload or overuse of the knee joint, which commonly occurs in jogging, stair-climbing, downhill running and hiking. Other factors include flat feet; an abnormal lower leg rotation, known as tibial torsion; and knock knees.

Individuals put themselves at risk of developing knee tendinitis if they increase their training or activity level suddenly, if they have weak thigh muscles, or if they have previously injured the knee, as listed by Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Genetics may be a factor in some cases, and sudden weight gain or obesity may also contribute to the condition. Common treatment options include rest, ice application, elevation of the affected limb and compression of the knee joint.