What Causes Joints to Hurt?


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A number of conditions can cause joint pain, including injuries as well as various diseases, according to WebMD. HealthLine.com states that common pathologies causing joint pain include various forms of arthritis, colds, flu and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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As WebMD states, damage to the joints can arise due to disease or injury, which in turn causes painful symptoms. The most common form of joint pain occurs in the knee, followed by the shoulder and the hip. According to HealthLine.com, rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation around the joints that makes them painful. In contrast, osteoarthritis involves the cartilage between the joints wearing away, which forces the bones to rub together, leading to pain.

Temporary minor to severe joint pain can occur because of injuries, which involve the patient placing too much strain on a muscle or tendon. In addition, repeated injuries or continuously exerting strain on tendons during exercise can cause tendinitis, which involves inflammation of the tendons that allow the joint to move.

There are other less common causes of joint pain, including cancer, rickets and gout. Mayo Clinic recommends that patients should see their doctor when swelling, redness and tenderness around the joint accompany the pain.

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