What Causes Itching Hands?


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Causes of itching hands include medical conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and scabies, according to WebMD. Skin dryness due to excess scrubbing or winter weather also causes itchy hands.

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What Causes Itching Hands?
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Psoriasis is a skin disorder that starts with small red bumps forming on an area of the skin, as explained by Cleveland Clinic. Over time, the bumps grow in size and form scales, causing bleeding if peeled off. The condition occurs when new skin cells develop too fast, causing a buildup of old cells. Doctors do not know what causes psoriasis, but it tends to run in families.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, results in inflamed, itchy patches of skin, according to Healthline. Affecting males and females equally, eczema is caused by an overactive immune system response to triggers such as certain chemicals, synthetic fabrics and temperature changes. Other triggers include stress, upper respiratory infections and animal dander.

Scabies occurs when a microscopic bug known as the human itch mite infests the skin, as noted by Healthline. The mites live on the skin for up to two months, spreading to other humans through touch. Symptoms of scabies appear four to six weeks after initial exposure and typically include intense itching at night, a rash and sores.

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