What Causes Intestinal Pain on the Right Side?

Intestinal pain located on the right side can be caused by conditions varying from mild gas-related discomfort to serious medical emergencies, such as kidney infections, cancer or appendicitis, says Mayo Clinic. Concurrent symptoms can be helpful in narrowing down the cause of the pain, accoding to WebMD.

The causes of intestinal pain located on the right side differ depending on whether the pain is focused towards the upper or lower right side, according to Mayo Clinic. Pain centered upwards can be related to conditions such as pericarditis, pleurisy, stomach cancer and pancreatitis, whereas pain centered lower can often be a result of endometriosis, cervical issues or inflammation of the fallopian tubes or seminal vesicles. Some conditions, however, such as hernias, intestinal blockage and kidney stones, can generate pain in either direction, or can be responsible for pain radiating up and down the side.

WebMD suggests that the intensity of the pain, as well as its duration and whether or not it recurs, is often helpful in determining an emergency from milder complications. Medical assistance should be sought immediately for pain that follows an injury or is accompanied by fever, vomiting blood, unusually tarry or bloody stools, painful urination or difficulty breathing, especially if pregnant.