What Are Some Causes of Internal Bleeding?


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Blunt force trauma and deceleration trauma can cause internal bleeding. Additionally, bone fractures, taking certain medications and alcohol abuse may also cause internal bleeding, states MedicineNet.

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Blunt force trauma can compress internal organs and result in internal bleeding. The lining of an organ such as the spleen or liver can tear, causing blood to spill into the abdominal cavity. If an injury is located near the kidney, retroperitoneal bleeding can occur. Internal bleeding can also occur if muscle fibers tear, according to MedicineNet.

Internal bleeding caused by deceleration trauma can cause organs to shift inside the body. This shift can cause blood vessels to shear away from organs. Intracranial bleeding is often caused by this mechanism, reports MedicineNet.

Since bones contain the bone marrow in which blood production occurs, broken bones can cause internal bleeding. Because bones have rich blood supplies, a fracture can result in a large amount of blood loss, especially if the fracture occurs in a long bone such as the femur, explains MedicineNet.

Taking anticoagulation medications can result in spontaneous internal bleeding. Additionally, internal bleeding occur as a side effect of taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Alcohol can also cause internal bleeding if it causes significant irritation and inflammation to the stomach lining, reports MedicineNet.

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