What Are Some Causes of Indigestion and Gas?

What Are Some Causes of Indigestion and Gas?

Medications, such as aspirin or antibiotics; lifestyle habits, such as smoking or stress; or medical conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome or an ulcer, are possible causes of indigestion and gas, according to WebMD. Women who are pregnant or taking birth control pills may also experience indigestion and gas.

People who eat foods high in fat, eat too much, or eat too fast may experience gas or indigestion. Overconsumption of alcohol or caffeine is also a contributing factor. Fatigue and stress cause indigestion or gas in many individuals.

People who take steroid medication, pain relievers, estrogen and some antibiotics may experience gas or indigestion, according to WebMD. Birth control pills and thyroid medications may also cause stomach aches, bloating and indigestion.

Many diseases can cause symptoms such as indigestion and gas, explains WebMD. People with GERD, stomach infections, diabetes, thyroid disease and pancreatitis often experience gas and indigestion. In rare cases, stomach cancer may be the cause of these symptoms.

Common symptoms of indigestion and gas include belching, nausea, vomiting, bloating and burning in the upper belly or stomach, according to WebMD. Some patients feel full after or during a meal or experience an acidic taste in the mouth. Belly pain and a growling stomach may also plague patients with indigestion or gas.