What Causes Hot Flashes in Men Over 50?


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Declines in testosterone, such as those caused by androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer, cause hot flashes in men, according to Healthline. Men castrated as part of treatment for that cancer also experience hot flashes.

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Hormones are the reason men and women have hot flashes, and androgen deprivation therapy decreases testosterone levels, notess Healthline. The hot flashes typically stop after three or four months after the treatment ends. The signs of a hot flash are the same in both men and women; a feeling of flushing and warmth suddenly appears, most strongly in the trunk and head areas. Red skin and intense sweating may also occur. A hot flash usually lasts for about four minutes and ends in a cold sweat.

Some people experience hot flashes as many as 10 times daily, while the flashes are relatively infrequent for other people, states Healthline. Medications like venlafaxine and cyproterone acetate treat hot flashes in men. Men also benefit from female hormones and the antiseizure drug gabapentin. Male hot flashes are sometimes not serious enough to necessitate treatment, and men can wait them out.

Deep-breathing techniques, other relaxation approaches and cooler environments help men who have flashes, according to Cancer.net. Men who receive androgen deprivation therapy are more at risk of developing osteoporosis and should take vitamin and calcium supplements and walk 30 minutes daily to prevent it.

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