What Are Some Causes of Hip Pain in Middle-Aged Women?

Some of the causes of hip pain in middle-aged women are arthritis, fractures and tendinitis, according to Everyday Health. Hernias and gynecological disorders can also cause hip pain in older women.

Arthritis in general, and particularly osteoarthritis, is the reason for much of the hip pain felt by middle-aged women, according to Everyday Health. The pain begins when the ball-and-socket joints start to wear out and is most commonly felt in the groin or the front of the thighs. Older women who suffer from osteoporosis have a much higher risk of getting a hip fracture, which can also cause severe pain. Pain caused by a fracture is felt when the leg on the injured side is straightened, lifted or bears weight. The toes on the injured side may appear turned out

Hip pain caused by tendinitis is the result of the inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscles to the hip joint, according to Everyday Health. Another cause of discomfort in the hips is the inflammation of the bursae, which are fluid-filled sacs that cushion the parts of the hips that are the closest to the surface. The sacs become inflamed due to overuse. Hernias in the groin as well as inguinal and femoral hernias and gynecological conditions such as endometriosis can also cause pain in the hips.