What Are Some Causes of Hip Joint Pain?


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Hip joint pain is usually caused by problems in the cartilage or bones of the hip; hip fractures, infections of the joints or bones, osteonecrosis, arthritis and labral tears of the hip may be to blame, according to MedlinePlus. Other problems, like bursitis, hamstring, iliotibial band syndrome, hip flexor strain, groin strain, hip impingement syndrome and snapping hip syndrome can cause hip joint pain; inversely, pain felt in the hip can actually be radiant pain caused by back problems instead of hip problems.

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To deal with hip pain at home, avoid activities that worsen the pain, and take over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate hip pain, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Position a pillow between your legs while sleeping, and avoid sleeping on the side of the body where the pain exists, suggests MedlinePlus. Losing weight is necessary can also help to alleviate pain in the hip as can wearing flat shoes and avoiding standing for long periods of time.

MedlinePlus states that hip pain can be due to physical activity and overuse of the hip joint. When that's the case, warming up before physical exercise and cooling down after exercise, stretching the hamstrings and quadriceps prior to exercise, swimming instead of cycling or running and cutting down on exercise can help with hip pain.

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