What Causes High Vitamin B12 Levels?


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High vitamin B-12 values are most often found in people who have some form of leukemia and in those who have liver disease, according to WebMD. In rare cases, high vitamin B-12 levels may be found in people who are obese or in individuals with diabetes.

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There are a number of things that may negatively affect the readings from a vitamin B-12 test, states WebMD. For instance, there are certain medications that can affect test results, so a patient is advised to inform his doctor of all drugs he is taking. Pregnant women or those who are breast-feeding may also have skewed readings on a vitamin B-12 test.

People who take vitamin C supplements or drink large amounts of alcohol may have vitamin B-12 results that are skewed, explains WebMD. It is also possible that those who have had a computed tomography scan with dye in the past week may have results that are incorrect. In addition, it is a possibility that those who suffer from pernicious anemia can have skewed results on a vitamin B-12 test, since these individuals are unable to absorb the vitamin. Vitamin B-12 may also be affected by a change in homocysteine levels due to changes in metabolism.

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