What Causes High Cholestrol?


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Certain foods may cause high cholesterol in the blood. Examples of such foods include red meat, liver, chocolate and egg yolks. Cholesterol is necessary for proper function of the body, but high levels in the blood may increase the risk of heart disease, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Factors such as inactivity, being overweight and consuming an unhealthy diet may increase the chances of having high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Genetic makeup is another factor that can determine the level of cholesterol in the body. Anyone can have high cholesterol levels regardless of age, ethnicity or gender, notes Healthline.

High cholesterol is mainly caused by diet. Individuals who have a tendency to eat red meat, liver, eggs and chocolate are at a greater risk of having high cholesterol. Other foods that may cause this condition include cheese, milk, peanut butter and deep-fried foods.

Individuals with high cholesterol levels do not produce any symptoms, but doctors may diagnose the condition by taking a blood test. An accumulation of cholesterol in the body can lead to various complications including chest pain, stroke and heart attack. Some of these complications rise because the plaque formed blocks arteries. Lifestyle changes, consuming a healthy diet and certain medications are the main treatment options for this condition.

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