What Are Some Causes of a Hemorrhagic Stroke?


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Causes of a hemorrhagic stroke include blood vessel abnormalities, brain tumor, liver disease and high blood pressure, states MedicineNet. These conditions may cause an artery in the brain to burst or leak, causing bleeding in the brain tissues or near the surface of the brain, according to WebMD.

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Increased blood pressure can cause the arterial walls to weaken and rupture with time, causing blood to collect in the brain, notes MedicineNet. Amyloid deposits can also form along the blood vessels, weakening their walls and causing hemorrhagic stroke. Some birth defects such as abnormal connections between veins and arteries can also cause this condition later in life. Other causes include weak spots in the arterial walls and drug abuse.

The risks of stroke increases with cigarette smoking, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure and abnormal heart rhythm, and obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which oxygen levels drop at night, explains Mayo Clinic. Stroke is more common in men than women. People age 55 and above and those with a family history of stroke are also at greater risk.

Symptoms include loss of balance, vomiting, severe headache and vision changes, says MedicineNet. Patients with a hemorrhagic stroke who are also on blood thinners can experience excessive bleeding, notes Healthline. This condition requires immediate emergency care such as prescribed drugs and rest, and in severe cases, surgery to repair the ruptured blood vessel may be needed.

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