What Causes Heart Palpitations While You're at Rest?


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Common causes of heart palpitations during rest include experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress, hormonal changes, and consuming alcohol, nicotine or alcohol, according to WebMD. Medical conditions such as low blood sugar, thyroid disease, anemia and dehydration can also lead to heart palpitations.

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Certain medications, such as asthma inhalers, decongestants and diet pills, may cause heart palpitations while at rest as well, notes WebMD. In addition, drugs that are meant to treat an underactive thyroid and prevent arrhythmias cause heart palpitations in some people. Nutritional supplements, herbal supplements and abnormal electrolyte levels may also contribute to this condition.

Signs of heart palpitations include feeling a fluttering in the chest and feeling or hearing the heart beat too fast, beat harder than normal or skip beats, according to Mayo Clinic. Heart palpitations are also felt in the neck or throat in addition to the chest. If the heart palpitations worsen or the person experiencing them has known heart problems, it is important to consult a physician.

To avoid triggering heart palpitations, sufferers should try to reduce anxiety and stress, says WebMD. Those experiencing heart palpitations should avoid large amounts of caffeine and nicotine as well. Physicians may also choose to change medications that continue to cause heart palpitations.

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