What Are Some Causes of Head and Neck Pain?


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Some causes of head and neck pain are arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle strain, injuries and meningitis, states Healthline. The most common causes of head and neck pain are everyday things, such as having poor posture, sleeping in an awkward position and violent whiplash reactions. Infections, cervical spinal stenosis and rheumatoid arthritis can also cause neck and head pains, notes WebMD. Common side effects accompanying head and neck pain are anxiety, depression and fatigue.

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Narrowing of the spinal canal characterizes cervical spinal stenosis, according to WebMD. This leads to stiffness, numbness and pain in the neck, legs and arms. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common disorder that causes painful swelling and tender joints.

People who participate in sports, such as swimming, are more susceptible to head and neck pains, according to Spine-health. Because swimmers constantly move their heads from side to side, neck pains are common.

Doctors use blood tests, lumbar puncture, X-rays and other imaging tests to diagnose the severity of neck and head pain, explains Healthline. The common treatments for neck pain are ice and heat therapy, stretching and physical therapy, pain medication and muscle relaxants, and corticosteroid injections. Surgery is sometimes necessary. Chiropractic adjustments, massage and acupuncture may also provide relief.

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