What Are Some Causes of Hand Tremors?

Essential tremor is the most common cause of hand tremors, according to Healthline. Parkinson’s disease, seizures, cerebellar disease and overthyroidism may cause hand tremors as well.

Essential tremor is a nervous system disorder that affects most adults, and as of 2015, researchers are not yet sure what causes the problem. However, they link the condition to interruption of brain function, notes Healthline. The condition normally occurs when using a muscle and causes severe shaking of hands, arms, vocal cords and head. Essential tremor worsens with age. Unlike essential tremor, Parkinson's disease may worsen the trembling of hands during rest.

There is no cure for shaky hands that result from essential tremor, according to Healthline. Treatment options focus on relieving symptoms and include taking primidone, propranolol, drugs that relieve seizures, certain beta-blockers and alprazolam, a habit-forming drug.

Using garden tools, utensils, pens and pencils that are specially designed for people who have handling and control difficulties may be helpful, explains Healthline. Avoiding caffeinated drinks, alcohol and other stimulants that aggravate the condition may help as well. Patients with trembling hands should wear wrist weights and lift heavier objects. Surgical procedures such as deep brain stimulation and thalamotomy, which involve interrupting electrical activity in the brain, may be necessary if other treatments fail to cure the problem.