What Causes H. Pylori?


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It is believed that Helicobacter pylori is transmitted from the mouth of an infected person to another, according to Healthline. Children get the bacteria due to poor hygiene. The bacteria enter the body and stays in the digestive track, causing the growth of sores, ulcers, in the stomach lining.

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H. Pylori attacks the stomach lining after it gets into the body. It causes damage to the lining giving way to the penetration of the stomach acid, leading to ulcers. A lot of people get the bacteria while still children. The bacteria may stay in some people without causing ulcers or showing any signs, as stated by WebMD. In others, the germs will live in the body for years before they start to show symptoms. As of 2014, doctors still do not understand why only a few people get ulcers.

A person who has ulcers may experience a burning pain in the belly. Other symptoms, such as bloating, pale skin color, breathing problems, tiredness, vomit with blood and burping, may also appear. If H. Pylori is not causing problems to a person, treatment may not be necessary, as stated by Healthline. People with ulcers may need to use antibiotics together with medications that lessen stomach acid.

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