What Causes Frequent Urination for Men?

What Causes Frequent Urination for Men?

Frequent urination becomes more common as men age, and it is often due to uncontrolled diabetes, kidney stones, urinary tract infections or prostate problems, according to Drugs.com. Men who experience frequent urination should see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of the problem.

Polyuria, a condition that includes an increase in the volume of urine, is most frequently due to uncontrolled diabetes, according to The Merck Manual Home Edition. Many people first notice polyuria because they wake in the middle of the night with the need to urinate.

Kidney stones cause the patient to feel a persistent need to urinate. As the stone passes through the urinary tract, this pain often increases. The stone also causes nausea, pain, fever and chills, states Mayo Clinic. Some men find the volume of urine they pass decreases due to kidney stones.

While urinary tract infections are more common in women, they also affect men, according to Mayo Clinic. UTIs cause men to feel a constant urge to urinate. However, the inflammation due to the infection sometimes decreases the volume they pass.

An enlarged prostate causes irritation of the urethra leading to the frequent urge to urinate, according to WebMD. The irritation blocks the urine flow, which leads to irritation of the bladder walls. As a result, even small amounts of urine in the bladder cause the individual to feel the need to pass urine.