What Are Some Causes for Frequent Urination?


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The causes of frequent urination include anxiety; urinary tract infections and prostate diseases; neurological illnesses, such as stroke; certain medications; and treatment, such as radiotherapy of the pelvis, states Medical News Today. Diabetes and pregnancy are some other causes, reports WebMD.

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Frequent urination is the urge to pass urine more often than normal for a healthy adult, says Mayo Clinic. Phobias and panic disorders; enlarged prostate; medications, such as diuretics; and urinary tract infections, such as bladder infections and kidney infections, increase the urge to urinate more often, according to Medical News Today. Pregnancy applies pressure on the bladder increasing urination. Stroke damages nerves and interferes with the functioning of the bladder, notes WebMD.

Treatment for frequent urination involves identifying and treating the underlying cause. Other treatments include bladder training, Kegel exercises, biofeedback and monitoring diet and fluid intake, advises Medical News Today.

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