What Are the Causes of Frequent Stomach Pain in Children?


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Causes of frequent stomach pain in children include constipation, food poisoning, gas, heartburn and food allergies. Most abdominal pain in children is not a sign of a serious medical problem, unless it becomes severe. Abdominal pain that persists for up to 24 hours could be a sign of a serious condition such as a stomach ulcer, gallstones, appendicitis or a bowel obstruction, notes MedlinePlus.

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Generalized pain across the belly could be a result of indigestion, constipation or a stomach virus. Cramp-like pain followed by diarrhea is often caused by gas and bloating. Pain in one area of the belly could be a result of internal problems in the gallbladder or appendix. Localized pain could also be due to stomach ulcers. Home care remedies such as instructing the child to lie down, drink clear fluids or pass stools resolve minor stomach pains most of the time, states MedlinePlus.

Persistent abdominal pain could be a result of serious conditions such as intussusception, which occurs when a part of the intestine pulls itself inwards; a tumor; or sickle cell disease. Contact a health care provider if the pain is getting worse or if the pain persists for more than 24 hours, recommends MedlinePlus.

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