What Are Some Causes for Frequent Nocturnal Urination?


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Drinking too many liquids before bedtime can cause frequent nocturnal urination, reports MedlinePlus. Other causes include an enlarged prostate, infections, sleeping disorders, diabetes and certain medications. As people get older, they need to urinate more frequently, and women in early pregnancy often have the urge to urinate at night, adds About.com.

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Eliminating excessive fluid intake at night may alleviate the problem of frequent nocturnal urination, advises About.com. In particular, abstaining from drinking alcohol, coffee or tea in the evening may help control nocturnal urination. When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it pushes on the urethra, irritates the bladder wall and contributes to frequent urination, explains WebMD. Diseases or conditions that may bring on frequent nocturnal urination include urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, stroke and bladder cancer.

Sometimes people with obstructive sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders wake often to urinate, and when specialists treat the sleeping disorder, the frequent nocturnal urination ceases, points out MedlinePlus. Frequent nighttime urination may be a symptom of juvenile diabetes, explains About.com. Medications that bring on nighttime urination include cold medicines and diuretics. Treating the cause of frequent nocturnal urination is the key to alleviating the condition, according to WebMD. Treatment may also involve bladder retraining and Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles around the pelvis, bladder and urethra.

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