What Are Some Causes of Frequent Boils on Your Buttocks?

The cause of boils is a bacteria that enters into the skin through cuts or hair follicles, according to WebMD. Some conditions and issues may cause boils to appear more often including diabetes, issues with the immune system, poor hygiene or nutrition, and exposure to harsh chemicals.

Boils most often appear on the buttocks, face, neck and shoulder, and it usually begins as a red, hard and painful lump, explains WebMD. Over the next couple of days, the lump begins to grow, it becomes soft and more painful. Soon, pus begins to form on the top of the boil, and it may become more painful. People should not pop a boil, as it can exasperate the infection.

To treat a boil at home, a person should apply a warm compress, which helps to draw the pus to the surface and decrease pain, states WebMD. After several soakings, the boil comes to a head, usually within 10 days of when it first appears. When the boil begins draining, the individual should wash it with antibacterial soap until the pus drains completely, and then clean the boil with rubbing alcohol. The individual should apply a topical antibiotic and a bandage, and then wash the area two or three times a day until the wound heals.