What Causes Flushed Cheeks Without Fever?

Flushed cheeks without fever can be caused by eating spicy foods, going through an embarrassing experience, the skin condition rosacea, alcohol consumption and allergic reactions to medications, states Healthline. Flushed cheeks are generally a natural reaction to anxiety problems and extreme temperatures.

Flushed cheeks are characterized by the temporary reddening of cheeks, as well as the neck or chest in some cases, notes Healthgrades. Spicy foods raise a person's body temperature, and the body reacts externally with facial redness. Flushed skin is also caused by emotional triggers such as stress, anger or sadness. Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterized by swelling, acne-like sores, as well as redness. Another cause of flushed cheeks could be a reaction to some of the ingredients in a drug such as niacin.