What Causes Floaters in the Eye?

Changes to the vitreous humor due to aging may cause floaters in the eye, states Healthlline. As the vitreous condenses, debris forms and deposits in the eye, leading to blockage of light or casting of shadows in the eye. Eye injury and inflammation may cause eye floaters as well.

Light travels from the front to the back of the eye via the vitreous humor, states Healthline. Aging causes vitreous syneresis, a process in which the vitreous humour liquefies, making fibers inside the vitreous cluster together. An object or accident may hit or damage the eye respectively, leading to eye floaters. Inflammation or swelling in the eye may result from an infection.

Other causes of eye floaters include visual aura of a migraine headache and tumors that occur inside the eye, adds Healthline. Nearsighted people are likely to suffer from eye floaters. The condition is common in individuals aged 55 and older. To treat temporary floaters, the patient should roll his eyes to bring about lubrication of intraocular parts. Laser removal and surgery may help counteract a more severe problem.

Eye floaters may occur along with serious symptoms, which include vitreous hemorrhage, retinal or vitreous detachment, and retinal tear, explains Healthline. A person who experiences the symptoms in addition to difficulty seeing, eye pain or floaters that occur regularly should seek immediate medical attention.