What Are Some Causes of Finger Joint Pain?


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Some causes of finger joint pain include arthritis, injury, repetitive activity, gout, dislocation, infections and tumors. Individuals should pay a visit to the doctor if the pain persists after 1 week of home treatment, the finger is deformed, pain is severe, fingers refuse to straighten or if the issue causes fever, notes Medline Plus.

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Finger joint pain may be caused by a variety of issues. Doctors usually treat finger pain depending on its actual cause. During diagnosis, doctors may look at patient history and carry out physical examination of the area affected. An X-ray test may be necessary in certain cases.

A common cause of finger joint pain is arthritis. This inflammatory disease causes stiffness, joint deformity, swelling and joint destruction. It may affect multiple joints of the body. Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are most commonly used to treat this condition, according to WebMd.

Finger joint pain caused by infections can be dealt with by taking care of the underlying cause. Doctors may carry out certain tests and recommended medication that is best suited to deal with the infection. Painkillers may also be used as a way to relieve the patient from painful sensations. Getting plenty of rest and immobilizing broken joints can be effective ways to treat finger joint pain.

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