What Are Some Causes of Finger Cramps?


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Causes of finger and hand cramping include writer's cramp, carpal spasms and carpal tunnel syndrome, explains Harvard Health Publications. In the case of carpal spasms, the muscles in the hand contract involuntarily due to factors such as overuse, dehydration, calcium deficiency or magnesium deficiency.

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Muscle overuse and dehydration are the most common reasons people experience spasms in their hand muscles, notes Harvard Health Publications. Overuse of the hand muscles can result from behaviors such as frequent typing or writing.

Carpal tunnel syndrome results from compression of the nerves inside the wrist. Reasons people develop this syndrome include wrist sprains and fractures, hypothyroidism, frequent use of vibrating tools, cysts, and structural abnormalities in the wrist joint, explains the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. In addition to cramping in the hands, wrist pain, decreased ability to distinguish between hot and cold sensations, and numb or tingling fingers are typical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Writer's cramp occurs when the hand and forearm muscles contract in a spasmodic fashion, states Harvard Health Publications. The condition can cause the fingers to freeze up without warning, negatively impacting an individual's ability to perform tasks with the hands, such as playing a musical instrument or writing. For this reason, another name for writer's cramp is musician's cramp.

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