What Are the Causes of Fibroids and How Do You Shrink Them Naturally?


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While doctors have not pinpointed the cause of fibroids, clinical experience and research suggests they are linked to genetic changes, hormones and other growth factors, according to Mayo Clinic. Natural treatments to help shrink fibroads include: staying away from processed foods high in white flour, consuming flax and soy and using herbs such as chasteberry, dong quai and black cohosh, states healthy.net.

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Progesterone and estrogen, two hormones that cause development of the uterine lining every menstrual cycle, may boost fibroid growth. Fibroids have more progesterone and estrogen receptors than normal muscle cells in the uterus; after menopause, they tend to shrink because the body produces fewer hormones, notes Mayo Clinic.

Some fibroids have genetic changes that differ them from items in normal muscle cells in the uterus. Research indicates fibroids are prevalent in families and that identical twins have a higher likelihood of fibroids than fraternal twins. Substance that assists the body with maintaining tissue, such as insulin-like growth factor, may influence their growth, according to Mayo Clinic.

Eating flax and soy provides women with phytoestrogens and helps to produce fewer unhealthy estrogens. Chasteberry, dong quai and black cohosh are also known to balance estrogen levels. Staying away from foods such as cookies, cakes and white bread decreases the number of times the body has to use insulin to fight high blood sugar, states healthy.net

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