What Causes Facial and Nose Bones to Ache?

There are numerous possible causes for aches in the facial bones and nose bones, according to Healthline. This includes sinusitis or a deviated septum.

Sinusitis occurs when the lining of the sinuses become inflamed or swollen due to an infection caused by fluid, bacteria, viruses or fungi filling the sinuses' airways, states WebMD. Sinusitis can arise from the common cold, allergic rhinitis, which involves swelling of the nasal lining, nasal polyps, which are growths within the nose's lining, or a deviated septum. There are also various forms of sinusitis, including acute sinusitis, which is marked by sudden cold-like symptoms like runny and stuffy nose and facial pain that lasts longer than 10 to 14 days; subacute sinusitis, which is marked by inflammation that lasts 4 to 8 weeks; chronic sinusitis, which is marked by inflammation that lasts longer than 8 weeks and recurrent sinusitis, in which the patient experiences several sinus attacks in a single year.

A deviated septum occurs when the nasal septum between the nostrils is moved to one side, often causing one nasal passage to be smaller than the other, notes Mayo Clinic. In more severe cases, this can cause a decrease in airflow, making it difficult to breathe. A deviated septum can be present at birth, or it can be caused by a trauma injury, such as hitting the nose on something hard.