What Are Some Causes of Facial Inflammation?


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Some causes of facial inflammation include allergic reactions, trauma and infections, according to Healthgrades. Conditions such as obesity, facial cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and hereditary angioedema may also result in facial swelling.

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Some allergic reactions that cause facial inflammation include drug allergies such as reaction to codeine or penicillin, hay fever and insect bites, notes Healthgrades. The traumatic conditions that result in facial inflammation include facial surgery, mouth surgery and facial burns. Various infections such as cellulitis, sinusitis, orbital cellulitis and a stye, which is an infected eyelid oil gland, may lead to inflammation of the face.

Facial inflammation is a condition in which fluid builds up in the facial tissues, states MedlinePlus. The swelling may also extend to the areas around the neck and upper arms. When diagnosing the cause of facial swelling, a doctor may ask the patient various questions regarding the symptoms of his condition, Healthgrades explains. The doctor may want to know the exact spot of the inflammation, when the swelling occurred and whether the inflammation is constant or sporadic. Doctors may also ask if the patient is experiencing symptoms such as pain and shortness of breath and might also want to know the patient's medical history.

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