What Are Some of the Causes of Facet Joint Syndrome?


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Common causes of facet joint syndrome include genetics, aging, general wear and tear, a weak immune system and traumatic bone fractures. Other causes are obesity, improper lifting and poor resting positions, according to the Laser Spine Institute.

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Facet disease is the most common cause of lower back problems and has numerous and wide-ranging causes. When the facet joints break down or degenerate, it causes arthritic pain and can lead to facet disease, explains the Laser Spine Institute. These are the joints that connect the spinal vertebrae together, allowing the spine to move freely. This is a tricky condition to diagnose because it is similar to conditions such as herniated discs, stress fractures or torn muscles.

Symptoms associated with facet disease include tenderness near the affected joints, lower back pain, stiffness, decreased mobility or flexibility and muscle weakness. Those who are experiencing these symptoms and who are susceptible to any of the causes should contact a physician as soon as possible, says the Laser Spine Institute. The cause of the condition must be discovered in order for the physician to provide proper treatment. Diagnosis is commonly achieved through X-rays and MRIs. Treatments for this conditions include physical therapy, over-the-counter medicines and minimally invasive surgeries.

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