What Causes Eyes to Water?


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Eye strain, weather conditions, allergies, the common cold and conditions affecting the sinus are several common causes of watery eyes, according to Healthline. Yawning, laughing and being emotional can also cause a person to produce excessive tears for a short period.

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What Causes Eyes to Water?
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Sunshine, cold temperatures, wind and smog are environmental conditions that can lead to watery eyes, states Healthline. Blepharitis, in which the eyelids become inflamed, and an ingrown eyelash are also possible causes. An individual may also experience watery eyes when the eyelid is turned inward or outward, when the eye becomes infected or when a foreign object enters the eye. Cuts, blocked tear ducts and certain medications can also make the eyes watery.

Dry eye syndrome, wherein the eyes are unusually dry, causes watery eyes due to the lack of liquid lubrication that keeps the eyes moist, prompting the eyes to produce excessive tears, explains Healthline. Tears lubricate the eyes and help get rid of dust and foreign objects.

Watery eyes typically go away without medical treatment, notes Healthline. However, a person should contact a health care provider if the condition persists and occurs with other symptoms, such as redness, irritation, pain, or vision loss or changes. Individuals who suffer watery eyes after a recent injury or having chemicals or a foreign object in the eye should see an eye specialist.

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