What Causes an Eye to Twitch?


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According to Healthline, an eye twitch can occur due to stress, lack of sleep, nervous response, irritation and physical exertion. An eye twitch may also indicate the presence of a bacterial infection, such as conjuctivitis, or physical trauma to the eye. Certain medications can cause eye twitching as a side effect, and the overuse of alcohol, caffeine or cigarettes may trigger twitching as well.

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In cases where both eyes begin to twitch or a person suffers from chronic twitching that does not resolve itself, Healthline explains that a person may be suffering from benign essential blepharospasm. Eye twitching is most often not a health concern, but in rare cases, it can signal that a person is experiencing an underlying nerve or brain affliction. Parkinson's disease, Bell's palsy, dystonia and Tourette syndrome may cause uncontrollable eye twitching. Healthline advises people with chronic twitching in one or both eyes to visit a healthcare professional to assess additional symptoms and determine a cause or treatment plan.

Eye discharge, eyelid drooping, twitching in other areas of the face and twitching that causes one or both eyes to shut completely are causes for concern and warrant immediate medical attention. For benign conditions, Healthline recommends applying a warm compress to the eye, cutting back on caffeine consumption, practicing healthy sleeping habits and using over-the-counter drops to maintain adequate eye lubrication

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