What Are Some Causes of Extremely Itchy Feet?

Itchy feet are caused by conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, psoriasis, athlete's foot, hookworms and hand-foot-and-mouth disease, states Healthline. Other possible causes of itchy feet include uremia, lymphoma, atopic dermatitis, polycythemia vera and cholestasis, which affects pregnant women.

In some cases, medications can also cause itching of the body or feet, explains Healthline. Types of medications that are known to cause itching include opioids and narcotics. Symptoms of itchy feet and changes that can occur to the skin include blisters, cracked skin, white spots, a rash and swelling. Itchy feet are treated according to the cause. For instance, a person who has athlete's foot can use antifungal sprays and creams along with prescription medication if the infection is severe. A person with neuropathy or cholestasis uses topical creams to reduce itching sensations.

Not all causes of itchy feet are preventable; however, good foot care can prevent or reduce some cases of itchy feet, according to Healthline. Tips for good foot care include never put on shoes and socks until feet are completely dry, wear breathable socks that keep moisture at bay, wash feet with a mild soap, and wear well-ventilated shoes. Individuals who experience chronic athlete's foot may need to use an antifungal powder before putting on shoes.