What Causes Extreme Buttock Pain?


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Potential causes of extreme buttock pain include injuries, accident-related trauma, muscle overuse and diseases such as bone cancer of the pelvis and fibromyalgia. Other conditions that can cause buttock pain include anal abscesses and arthritis of the hip, according to Healthgrades.

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When individuals participate in strenuous activity without stretching or not warming up and cooling down, it commonly causes painful strains or sprains in the buttock area. Different types of injuries linked to extreme buttock pain include contusions, lacerations, and bone fractures or dislocations of the tailbone, hip, pelvis, lower spine and femur, Healthgrades details.

Additional diseases and conditions that cause buttock pain include bursitis, compartment syndrome, pilonidal cyst and piriformis syndrome. Sciatica, hemorrhoids, shingles and spinal stenosis are also related to buttock pain, as listed by Healthgrades.

When diagnosing the condition, the health care provider needs to know what part of the patient's buttock hurts, when the pain started, how long it lasts, what activities contribute to the pain and if any other symptoms are present. Left untreated, buttock pain has the potential to cause complications such as chronic pain, decreased athletic performance, a permanent disability, a poor quality of life and reduced mobility, weakness or paralysis of the legs, back or hips, according to Healthgrades.

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