What Are Some Causes of Excessive Urination?

What Are Some Causes of Excessive Urination?

Various conditions such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, pregnancy and prostate issues can cause frequent urination in some patients, states WebMD. Other conditions that can cause frequent urination include overactive bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis, stroke and the use of diuretics.

On average, urinating four to eight times a day is normal, according to WebMD. However, urinating more than this can signal an overactive bladder or an underlying condition. For example, both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes cause frequent urination as the body tries to remove excess glucose through the urine. Pregnancy causes frequent urination because the woman's growing uterus puts extra pressure on the bladder.

In men, enlarged prostates press against the urethra and block the flow of urine, irritating the bladder and causing it to contract. Consequently, this leads to more urination that normal, explains WebMD. Stroke can also damage the nerves around the bladder and lead to excessive urination.

Although these are all conditions that can lead to excessive urination, sometimes excessive urination is not represented by an underlying condition, states WebMD. It is simply part of overactive bladder syndrome. Overactive bladder syndrome causes bladder contractions that lead to more frequent urination, often prompting patients to have to urinate suddenly, even if they do not have a full bladder.

Artificial sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol can also make patients have to urinate more frequently than normal, as they can act like diuretics in the body, states eMedicineHealth.