What Causes Excessive Face and Head Sweating?


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Excessive face and head sweating is often a symptom indicative of diabetes, infection, thyroid issues or of a disorder known as primary hyperhidrosis, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Primary hyperhidrosis is when the excessive sweating is not due to stress, exercise or heat.

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What Causes Excessive Face and Head Sweating?
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Primary hyperhidrosis disorder is a frustrating disorder because those affected can experience excessive sweating even in cool weather, states Healthline. Occasionally, primary hyperhidrosis occurs due to menopause or hyperthyroidism, though it can also occur for unknown reasons. Additionally, the excessive sweating does not have to be limited to the head and the face. A person who has primary hyperhidrosis disorder can experience sweating on the hands, feet and underarms as well.

Most people who develop primary hyperhidrosis disorder first develop the disorder as a child. The disorder is also genetic and many children who develop it have parents living with the disorder, reports Healthline.

For people who experience excessive sweating on their face or head but do not have primary hyperhidrosis disorder, the sweating condition is called secondary hyperhidrosis. It is most often a result of a medical condition, notes Healthline. These people may sweat as they sleep, and may have conditions ranging from heart disease, cancers and strokes to menopause and hyperthyroidism. The treatment typically involves prescription medication.

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