What Causes Essential Tremors?


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The specific cause of essential tremors is not yet known, but the condition is linked to irregular electrical activity in the brain. Genetic mutation is believed to cause essential tremors in about half of the cases. This condition is usually referred to as familial tremor, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

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What Causes Essential Tremors?
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Essential tremor is a nerve disorder characterized by abnormal shaking of different parts of the body. Parts that may be affected by this condition include the chin, larynx, hands, tongue and arms. Essential tremor is not a grave condition except if it inhibits a patient from managing themselves. Most patients are able to lead comfortable lives with essential tremors, although they might experience difficulty in doing normal activities, as stated by WebMD. Therefore, treatment may not be required for mild cases. If the condition gets worsens over time, the chances of suffering from a disability are high.

Tremors tend to get worsened by certain medication, caffeine and stress, as stated by MedlinePlus. They are likely to occur mostly when a person is moving and can get worse with age. Getting enough sleep and avoiding caffeine is necessary to prevent triggering the tremors. Medications that may be prescribe to help relieve the symptoms include Primidone and Propanolol.

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