What Causes an Esophagus Spasm?


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According to WebMD, the exact cause of an esophagus spasm is not known by the medical profession. A spasm in the esophagus can be triggered by swallowing hot or cold foods.

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According to WebMD, an esophagus spasm could be caused by nerve activity disruption. Esophagus spasms are strong contractions in the throat where food travels from the mouth to the stomach. Diffuse and nutcracker are the two types of esophagus spasms that contract the muscles in the esophagus in different ways. Diffuse esophagus spasms cause the muscles to contract irregularly, which can leave food stuck in the throat. Nutcracker esophagus spasms are strong muscle contractions that move the food down the esophagus normally, but the contractions of the muscles are so strong that swallowing food is extremely painful.

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