What Are the Causes of Easy Bruising?


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Common causes of easy bruising include aging, blood-thinning medications, vitamin C deficiency, excess sun exposure and purpuric dermatosis, according to ABC News. People with fair skin may also experience easy bruising.

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What Are the Causes of Easy Bruising?
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As people age, skin becomes thinner while the fatty layer beneath the skin diminishes, making older adults more prone to blood vessel injuries that cause bruising, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Women are especially prone to easy bruising. Anticoagulants, aspirin and antiplatelet medications inhibit the body's bloodclotting ability, so bumps that cause capillaries to burst leak more blood and are more likely to cause bruising. Dietary supplements such as gingko and fish oil can have the same effect.

Vitamin C is essential in the healing of wounds and the production of the skin's collagen, so patients with deficiencies bruise more easily than healthy individuals, as confirmed by ABC News. Other symptoms may include fatigue, bleeding gums, nosebleeds and depression. UV light also damages collagen, leading to thinner skin and easy bruising. The vascular condition purpuric dermatosis causes leaking blood from the capillaries, resulting in numerous tiny purple or orange bruises. This condition is common in older individuals, and it may cause itching in severe cases. Applying sun screen and using topical creams may help to relieve the condition.

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