What Causes Ear Pain?


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The most common causes of ear pain include colds, infections, tonsillitis, wax impaction and internal fluid accumulation, according to WebMD. Infected hair follicles, eczema and dental abscesses also cause ear pain.

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What Causes Ear Pain?
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Common cold viruses cause ear pain when they infect the ear drum, according to WebMD. The pain usually develops quickly and fades when the cold dissipates. Ear pain that remains after cold symptoms disappear is often caused by a bacterial infection, says Everyday Health. These infections develop when blood, pus and other fluids accumulate behind the ear drum. Fever and temporary hearing loss often accompany bacterial infections, states WebMD..

Eczema and infected hair follicles are common causes of external ear pain, says the National Health Service. This type of ear pain is called otitis externa. Treatments such as ear drops and over-the-counter pain medication are effective home remedies for many types of external ear pain. Painful boils and hair follicle infections respond well to warm compresses.

Prompt treatment reduces the severity and duration of ear pain, says the National Health Service. Gentle cleansing sweeps away drainage and debris, and removing piercings minimizes the chance of allergic reactions. It is also prudent to remove hearing aids and to keep the ear dry.

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