What Causes Ear Blockage?


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Pushing the wax deeper into the ear is the common cause of ear blockage, states Mayo Clinic. This occurs when people try to clean their ears using cotton swabs or other items. It may also occur if the body produces excess wax, and it is not cleared away effectively, causing a block in the ear canal. People who use earplugs or hearing aids are also likely to experience ear blockage, says WebMD.

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What Causes Ear Blockage?
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About 6 percent of people experience ear blockage, and it one of the common ear problems, explains WebMD. Every person has ear wax, but genetics determines the type and amount an individual has. People with oddly-shaped or smaller ear canals are prone to ear blockage because it is hard for the wax to get out of the canal. The symptoms of this condition include reduced hearing, ear pain, dizziness, itching and a fullness sensation.

Doctors recommend trying wax removal methods at home unless there is a tube or hole in the eardrum, explains WebMD. Patients may put over-the-counter wax softening drops, such as Murine or Debrox, and then drain the drops out of the ear after five minutes. A doctor can use a bulb-type syringe to flush the ear smoothly using warm water.

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